Art After Dark

Wearing sequined bag and sequined layered dress (Mary Zs) and wedges (forever 21) 
After a long day of tanning and eating at the beach cottage, art after dark was the perfect end to a perfect day. We ate, drank, and enjoyed the fine bali art (sort of) and the fine 20 something year old males. 
Best pickup line yet: "hey are you two sisters cause wait I have a sister!"
Obviously we dropped our clothes right then, with that suave of moves how could we have resisted?


Wearing tank top (forever 21), flared shorts (thrifted), strappy wedges (forever 21), vintage bag (thrifted)
We shopped till we dropped today (no literally, i did stumble a few times). my calves are killing me from my workout yesterday at PRO but i managed to shop for 5 whole hours. The semi annual sample sale at Victoria Secret was awesome but the lines were ridiculous. I love this new bag i got last week at Salvation Army, its perfect for a long day shopping.
Countdown till Spain: 32 Days

lanikai juice

Wearing vintage glasses (giantvintage,com), long padeo, dangly earings (san lorenzo)
           Out with my cousin today after a long day at the beach. The sun was hot hot hot but the strawberry shaka smoothie is where its at. i don't know what i would do without you lanikai juice.

shop shop shop

Wearing thrifted top, thrifted belt, pink slip on shoes (urban outfiters), thrifted shoulder bag, faded light denim shorts (hollister), and pink nail polish (L.A. Girl)
Shopping all day for junk in Kailua with Heather and Liana. Cheetoes, cheeze its, goldfish, woppers, reeces, red hots, you name it, we got it. Were gonna try to stay up all night, we'll see how that goes. I got this cute top at salvation army the other day and figured it fit with my new sparkly pink nail polish! 

salty air

Wearing white embroidered dress (Lucky one sale!)
Turns out Summer is just as relaxed as i thought it would be. I love this dress, i found it in my moms closet afters spending three hours cleaning the whole house. i think it expressed my sunday, mellow and breezy. The most exciting thing i've done so far is order 3 new dresses...i need to get out more.

Countdown till spain: 40 days

i think i'm in in love

i think i died and went to heaven in that movie theater yesterday. i seriously could not stop drooling at every one of Carrie Bradshaw's outfits. Although yes, the movie had it's funny parts, due mostly to Kim Cattral, and it's fair share of drama, the movie really revolved around the fashion, at least for me anyways. The cut out dresses, playful rompers, and over the top accessories kept my eyes glued to the screen. i imagine this is how the men must of felt at Avatar.

summer days

Wearing snakeskin glasses (giant vintage), across the body shoulder bag (Mary Zs), Blue summer dress (forever 21) and Ballet shoes (Bloch)
2 hour costco run and on my way to see sexy and the city two. summer tastes sooo good.