back to school

Wearing: Top (spain), skirt (abercrombie), Boots (vintage) bag (spain)
So i'm starting the year off right, a couple of binders and a cosmo
Wearing: Shirt (buffalo exchange), Leggings and sheos (vintage haight street store) and bag (spain)
Shopping in the square with my amazing cousin Marissa. yes, the shoes are velcro.

love haight relationship

Wearing: Jacket, top (cousins closet, metro park), bag (vintage)
Don't gain the world
And lose your soul
Wisdom is better
Than silver and gold 
I take it all back san francisco, im jealuos

out in the town

Wearing: Earring (ari's designs), Dress (hippie market ibiza), shoes (cathy jean)
Finally, we got to take off our bathing suits, believe me, we literally live in our bathing suits when we go down to baja and (try with our limited beauty supplies) to get all pretty. We went to this amazing restaurant that we always go to called La Fonda. Besides the view and the dancing, the best part was that the girls know the manager so free drinks all around! Not to mention the fact that we got to see the coolest wedding ever. Who says you can't wear a green dress, rock your tattoos, and f me heels. She's being herself and i totally respect and admire that. Who know's, maybe by the time i'm walking down, i'll be wearing second hand floral, possibly denim. 

I'm backkk

Also, my stylin parents
Wearing: Leather jacket (jack BB Dakota), top (san lorenzo)
Yes! It is true, i am finally back for good. two weeks too long, without my camera cord at least. All though, i must say, Baja, Mexico was freakin awesome. Though it did get a little chilly, (as you can see by my more like winter get up), the energy there is always amazing, not to mention my lovely neighbors. So as you can see above, i'm sporting that cool feather one sided earring and whats even cooler about it is that my friend hand makes them! she actually sells them on the internet as well. (i'm noticing a pattern with my entrepreneur friends, don't leave me in the dust here people!) Anyways, more to come from my trip, i just need a little breather for a bit. 

Day 14: Barcelona

Wearing: lose vneck (victoriassecret), high jean shorts (thrifted)
I loved this little street market place! They had one of a kind, handmade, really cool stuff, i just couldn't drag myself away. This little booth happened to have probably the best product ever, it is shown on the left and is called an orgasmatron. We had to buy one, not only for the name, but because my scalp has never felt so alive.  This is my last day here, no please europe, take me with you. it breaks my little star struck heart.

p.s. no posts for 2 whole weeks!  I'm going down to baja mexio (or is it up? possibly across) anyways i promise to update when i get back. don't miss me too much.

Day 13: Barcelona

Day 12: Barcelona

Wearing dress (snan lorenzo)
So like, what do you know? more red, who would have thunk it? but i love this dress, especially the crochet top, its so detailed and fits very nicely. Finally though, my hair isn't a short bob like it was in ibiza, i feel like i'm just hitting puberty but with my lion maine, hey look mommy, my hair dropped!

Day 11: Barcelona

Wearing: sundress (mary zs), studded belt (thrifted) and bag (roxy) 
I don't know what it is this summer but i'm obsessed with open back dresses and tops. Even a little circle like this one gets my fingers itching for my wallet.