Day 2: Florence

Wearing: wrap around dress (san lorenzo) and ballet flats (payless, yes i'm classy)
First of all, i'd just like to point out that the sign above my head does say a variation of my name Giggi, Gigi, whatever as long as they got two Gs and an I, i'm sold. Back to Florence, my god that place was beautiful, i mean would you look at it, you don't see postcard backgrounds everyday, that bridge was just unbelievable. We also met Ernesto or as my mom likes to call him Perfecto, who is not only gorgeous but is one of the nicest guys ive ever met. (do you think i could freeze him for the next 10 years?) Anyways, i picked that dress up at san lorenzo in kailua, i believe i wrapped it wrong but i think it looked cooler this way