flying away

Wearing: Dress (Giorgio Armani) 
Raided my moms closet the other day and i found some really cute dresses that i never knew she owned. Definitely been holding out on me for too long. i felt so summery and girly that i actually got talked into painting my nails a peachy color instead of my usual dark purple....well that may be a stretch, its more of a black so you could see how i died inside a little. 

its been awhile

Wearing: Leotard (dance), Skirt (forever 21)
I know it's been a long time since i've posted anything, i've just been so busy now that school is ruining my life! not upset about it or anything. anyways, i've pretty much been living in a leotard now that i have dance 5 times a week, so now i'm having issues parting with them.


Wearing: Dress (salvation army), high tops (converse), belt (vintage)
I got this dress earlier this Summer and forgot all about it. well more like i shoved it in the back of my closet, which is like a medium sized black hole. Anyways, for some reason i'm really into backless right now, so i cut out the back and attached a red rubber band across. unfortunately, it looks a little bit twisted in this picture, also i have the scissoring skills of a 2nd grader.