au natural

Please excuse my lack of makeup, strep throat has really just made me more lazy if anything. Although without the touch of heavy black on my eyes, i must say, i did feel as if i was playing dress up in my mommies closet. Though come to think of it,  i never really experienced that, seeing as i was more of a boy than my brother was back then. He refused to play with me because i was lacking in the gender department, so it was more of a desperate attempt of acceptance, you want boy, i'll give you boy! So i understand my mothers response to my outfit, "couldn't you have at least put on a little lip gloss." Am i making any sense here? Anyways, i've had these leg warmers buried in my dance bag for a while and figured, you know, why not? So there you have it. I apologize if i seem a little side tracked, the aroma of chicken and pilaf is making it impossible for me to think reminding me that instead, i'll be enjoying my dinner of honey and lemon flavored lozenges.