my plan is to defy

black friday

i swear if i dont have to look at another hanger, price tag, obnoxious sale sign, or pained smiles from the greeting committees, i will live a very happy life. but on the plus side, this is the best arm workout i've gotten all week. so anyways, i'm set through winter and possibly spring. i hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving!



And the celebrations begin

So, sorry for the poor quality, i knew i should have taken pictures early but procrastination happens to be my specialty. Anyways, we went to Morimotos for dinner, (you know they guy from iron chef), the food was almost too delicate to eat although by the time we got to the main courses i was already full.  But i'm willing to pack on a few for my papa's big 5 0! I love you daddy forever and always, happy birthday!

Reflecting Reflections

fade out fridays

i know, i know, it's been like a week, and this is all i could come up with?! It's an outrage I tell you, i'm not getting paid for nothing...well or anything for that matter. it's just been really busy and i've been trying to get a hold of some pictures my friend took, but apparently she is busy too, so just think of this as an appetizer before the real meal, if that helps.