lock your doors

It aint all butterflies and roses....then again, this is hawaii

Remember me?


 Photos: Kristy Kaku
Makeup: Bianca Moors

Hello World! okay, that might be a bit of stretch...hello people who see my blog on their newsfeed and don't have much else to do but click it! i'm back! i know, it's been a month, who do i think i am anyways? i've got an image to keep up, and i know you all must be feeling a bit blue without my updates (get it? blue..like as in the dress hardy har har). i know..you come here for the clothes..not my hilarious jokes, but i figured you people must have forgotten me, so here i am world (sort of). anyways, i swear more to come, i've taken a whole bunch of new pictures in fact, courtesy of Kristy Kaku and Bianca Moors! So be ready, i'll be poppin up in your newsfeed quite often