Wearing top: victoria's secret, high shorts: salvation army 
Photographer: Kristy Kaku Makeup: Bianca Moors
Reeces pieces butter cup, mess with me and i mess you up!
hehe just kidding, don't worry, i'm a self declared pacifist, unless you get me mad, then it's on! hehe jk again but i do do a mean stink eye (hehe i said doodoo). Anywho, wooo happy wednesday! were almost there, the weekends so close i can taste it! (but actually, i'm thinking of coldstone as i speak)  Anyways, wednesday is close to thursday and Thursday is practically friday, so it's basically the weekend! Get your hump on people! (and i mean that in the most innocent way possible ;)


Wearing: Faux fur sleeveless jacket (chicago), leotard, leather shorts (express), shoes (chicago)
So this is kind of a mini post, but what can you do, at least I'm consistent..in my inconsistency. Anyways, happy hump day people! I'm going to (try) to post every wednesday, to celebrate half way through the week and such. Just imagine me as a bad sitcom you can't stop watching, you watch it every wednesday because what else are you doing (besides a million pounds of homework). so this is my excited for winter outfit, only 3 more months till christmas! (i'm pathetic). see you next hump day ;) 

I'm back!

Bandeau Top: global village?, Wrap Skirt: American Apparel, Headband: LF (in l.a.)
Hey hey hey, so i know it's been approximatley a million years since i've posted anything, which is totally lame since i am still 100% whipped, i swear! Anyways, this time i'm back for real, in my defense, i didn't have my own camera all summer (equally as lame) and you try going up to people and asking them to take nonchalant pictures of yourself! (well don't actually, it just leads to really awkward looks and occasional awful close ups) Anywho, Photographer: Kristy Kaku and Makeup: Bianca Moors (They're the best!)