So I'm still a bit hung up on summer outfits, i guess i'm just soaking in the last of the sun before winter sets in...OH WAIT, we don't have one of those. Yeah so i might be a tad bit bitter but i'm tired of dying in heat every time i try to pull on a comfy sweater okay! what's the fun of rain if i still have to put on the fan to cool off. i mean jeeze, if i wanted warm water poured down on me, i could take a freakin shower. Anyways, just checking out liana's new house, or house in progress i should say. wooo can't wait to be neighbors with the mayers, welcome to poopoo palace y'alllll!! (po'opo'o place, same thing).  my second family's only two blocks away!

sunday mondays

Got a little sidetracked during our homework party, surprise! Anyways, this dream catcher is my favorite ever, still plotting ways to steal it without being noticed. I know this may not count as fashion, but hopefully if i can get a nonbroken phone, i can get pictures on the go! woohoo, you'll be sick of my closet at that rate but that makes two of us. can't wait for christmas!


"we're all here because we're not all there"