My new watch!
New room decorations!

So i know, i'm doing it again, throwin down some old pics and trying to get away with it, this is fashion whipped, not fashion partially handcuffed and searching for the key (hehe kidding, think John Tucker Must Die "whipped" and don't tell me you don't get that reference/please go watch that movie). Anyway, heres a little lookbook of old pictures that never made it and things that just make me happy. I didn't quite have time to take other pictures this weekend since I was at Academy camp, and trust me, you would not want me taking pictures of myself there, unless you like running screaming in the opposite direction. Also check out the newspaper picture, fashionwhipped made Ka Punahou! Thanks a bunch Miranda! Us hawaii fashion attempters need to stick together, its not easy pretending like its 50 degrees when it feel like the middle of july.