Merry Christmas from me

So first off, i'd like to apologize for the just awful quality of the photos i've been posting lately (and no, i don't mean quality of my clothing, sheesh), i figured that i wouldn't need to get a new camera with my new iPhone 4s and all, but alas, the quality of the camera is no match for a regular digital (but Siri's my girl so i'm willing to look over this slight setback). Anyway, i'm having my people talk to santa's people so hopefully i'm in the running for a nice camera sometime soon. Aside from all that, wooooo one and half more weeks till freedom people! and then its the most wonderful time of the year so things are really looking up! Sure, my second semester schedule after break is a literal death sentence and probably illegal in most countries and my APUSH teacher will probably be plotting numerous ways to torture my brain during those next two weeks (that's what teachers do on breaks, right?), i'm looking on the oh so lighted up and overly ornamented christmas side of things and getting my spirit on big time (and when i mean big, i mean sugar cookies and wrapping paper coming out of my ears big) so get Christmasy with it! (and or Hunacha-y/Quanza-y, i don't discriminate with holiday cheer)