do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight

Soo I'm back, again, x5000, i know, i know, the disappearing act is getting old but just think of me as the hair you shave on your legs (or face if you're a guy/into that kind of thing), I may occasionally disappear (and if you're like me and get around to shaving those legs about once a month, then you know what i mean by occasionally) but I always come back.  Muahahaha. Just kidding, hopefully I'm less annoying than those prickles on your legs (which i firmly believe are only noticeable by people who shouldn't be that up close to your legs anyways, ahem). But moving on, hello cyber world, it is I, hear to bring you some fashion ideas or some new material to make fun of, we artiste accept all kinds of publicity (just kidding, haters not welcome). So here's my lazy sunday outfit, thank you bro for leaving some shirts behind when you went to college. Though I'd rather have him here than this sick tee (ha ha). You know, having the bathroom and car to myself and knowing that I'll never have to fight for the last brownie really isn't all that it's cracked up to be. (just kidding, it totally is). But I do miss my bro so this outfit is an ode to you buddy, get your butt back home already!

Also big mahalo (hehe) to liana for takin all my pics for me, you da best